Brand New Layout + An Update

Welcome to the new! Over the past few weeks I've been working on migrating this blog from Typepad to Squarespace. Not an easy feat since Typepad does not make it simple for you to move to another platform. But with some help from my friends who understand code far better than myself I've finally completed the switch! I'm so excited to be on a more user-friendly platform that is, frankly, all little more with the times.

A new layout means new content! So what's coming down the pipeline? I've got some delicious recipes I've been working on, a ton of DIYs to share, and I'll be sharing a peek inside my home with room-by-room tours. 

An Update...

Grant and I have been working on a giant to-do list I made for our condo which includes some serious cleaning and refurbishing some new and vintage furniture around our home. We added a pantry to the kitchen recently for some added storage. Our condo was brand new when we bought it last summer and we were able to choose many of the finishes. It was cheaper in some instances to go with the fixtures included and change them after we moved in, such as the lighting. My biggest regret is that we didn't paint before we moved in. We didn't have the option to choose paint colours and it would have cost thousands of dollars to have the builders repaint. EVERYTHING is beige. The walls, the trim, and the doors are all the same boring colour. We have 9ft ceilings which will make painting even more of a chore when we do get around to it. I plan on starting by painting the trim and doors white for some added depth. I have something special planned for the kitchen which I hope to tackle before Grant and I go on our honeymoon.

Yes, we got married over six months ago but at the time it wasn't feasible to take a proper trip. So in about a month we're taking three weeks to visit London, Scotland, and Iceland. We're fortunate (and excited) that Grant's dad and step-mom live a bit outside London. After about five days we'll be heading north to Edinburgh for a few days before leaving on a week-long tour of Scotland. We'll be doing a loop from Isle of Skye, to Inverness, and Aberdeen back to Edinburgh. From there we hop on a train to Glasgow to catch a plane to Reykjavik. We have about four days in Iceland before we fly home. I am SO excited. I have been overseas since 2012 and Grant and I have never been on a big trip together like this before. 

I'm so thrilled to FINALLY share new posts and get this going on the regular!

xo Allison