Wedding Pinspiration: Decorations

Wedding Pinspiration: Decorations//Thrifted

Hey pals, since spring has officially arrived here in Edmonton it won't be long before Grant and I get started on making decorations for our wedding. We're having an October wedding and the theme mixes in the bright gold you see on New Year's Eve, fall harvest colours, and lots of pumpkins. Grant proposed to me on a beautiful fall day at pumpkin farm. The man knows how much I love fall. And pumpkins. I thought I'd share some of my "pinspiration" for our decorations. 

1. I love the idea of making floral initials for the reception. Via Honestly Yum.

2. Gold painted mason jars because isn't this the decade of the mason jar? Does this mean we're hipsters? via Bottling Up Sunshine.

3. We're going to attemp to grow our own flowers - specifically sunflowers. I've read a number of blog posts against doing your own flowers. However, we're on a budget. I'd rather spend that money on good food and our honeymoon. This will also serve as a reference if I want to slap past me in the face.  Via Style Me Pretty.

4. Grant has been saving his glass milk bottles for quite sometime. We're going to start on painting these pretty soon as long as the weather holds up! via Style Me Pretty.

Wedding Pinspiration: Decorations//Thrifted

1. I love pumpkins! I get incredibly excited when they start showing up in grocery stores in September. I love these pumpkin escort cards. Via Style Me Pretty.

2. These gold painted balloons come from a New Year's Eve party DIY but I think these would be perfect for fall too. via Balloon Time.

3. Balloon table numbers are too fun. Via 100 Layer Cake.

4. Did I mention I love pumpkins? Via Style Me Pretty.

 And hey, if you have any wedding planning advice I'd love to hear from you!