Thrift Store Finds: New to me Pyrex

Vintage Butterprint Pyrex// Thrift Store Finds//©Thrifted 2013

My first Butterprint!!! Oh man, I was pretty excited to see this on the thrift store shelf even though it's fairly faded. I love this colour and it's one of my favourite Pyrex patterns. Do you have a Butterprint collection? I'd love to see some photos if you do!

The mugs below are a new to me pattern called "Morning Blue". My research indicates that this is an '80s Corning Glass pattern. You've probably noticed that some Corelle and Pyrex pieces have the same pattern. Both brands are part of the Corning Glass (now World Kitchen) family. For a bit more history on Pyrex head here.

Blue Morning Pyrex//Thrift Store Finds//©Thrifted 2013

Happy Thrifting! P.S. I'm off to Palm Springs tomorrow for a much needed holiday. I've still got posts coming but I might not answer e-mails or reply to comments right away.