Thrift Store Finds: Pyrex + Fire King

Thrift Store Finds: Black Snowflake Pyrex// Thrifted

I kind of died when I found this casserole last week while thrifting. Matte black Pyrex?? Yes please. And the dish itself is actually in excellent shape but the lid has seen better days. A little Googling and I learned that the colour is charcoal and the pattern is from 1957, commonly known as Black Snowflake. This may be my new favourite Pyrex piece. Thanks for the info Mandi!

Thrift Store Finds: Pyrex + Fire King// Thrifted

I already knew that Grant is an amazing boyfriend but when he brought this Fire King dish home for me a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but love him just a little bit more :) I'm crazy for anything wheat patterned and although I usually choose Pyrex over Fire King, this casserole is pretty darn cute.

Well, I had not intended to have such an extended hiatus from blogging but sometimes life just gets in the way and blogging doesn't become priority #1. Last weekend I photographed my first wedding and this past week I attended events for my girlfriend's traditional Sikh wedding. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen the photos. Such a great week. Congratulations Raj!!! A few months ago a group of friends and I travelled to Austin for Raj's stagette. You can see the photos here.

It's good to be back. And hey, there will actually be more posts this week!