Thrift Store Finds: Vintage Pyrex Forever!

When I'm out thrifting, I am always looking for Pyrex. It's almost instinctual now or part of my thrifting mission statement. I just can't get enough. Why did Pyrex stop making this stuff?? It certainly has stood the test of time. I can think of few things more durable than vintage Pyrex. Maybe Tupperware? Which I also keep an eye out for. They're both so practical. I use my vintage Pyrex and vintage Tupperware daily. Like the bowl below. I have a few of these large nesting bowls now and I use them whenever I bake. 

Thirft Store Finds: Vintage Crazy Daisy or Spring Blossom Green Pyrex// Thrifted

This is the second gravy bowl I've thrifted. Which means I have only seen two while thrifting :) I'm still learning pattern names and numbers for all the vintage Pyrex out there. Kudos to those who have it all figured out!

Thrift Store Finds:Vintage Butterfly Gold Pyrex Gravy Boat// Thrifted

Do you collect Pyrex? I would love to see your collection. Leave me a link!