Our Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall//Thrifted

This weekend Grant and I finally framed our collected art prints and hung them. We used Emma's (via A Beautiful Mess) tips for installing the art. A laser level helped us find our starting point. First we laid everything out on the floor and took a photo when we found the right layout. We traced the frames onto wrapping paper and marked where the nail would need to go. Then we used painter's tape to hang the paper on the walls. We hammered in the nails and tore down the paper.

Our basement is fairly dark so the images aren't the best quality.  

Gallery Wall//Thrifted

1. An X-Men print from this year's Calgary Comic Expo 2. A Green Lantern/Green Arrow print signed by Neal Adams 3. Elle Moss Photography prints from Etsy 4. Kai Samuels-Davis print via Etsy 5. Vintage anatomy brain poster via Etsy 6. Kurt Vonnegut poster I brought back from Austin 7. A gift from Grant's sister 8. A print from the Calgary Comic Expo last year signed by Max Brooks

We also hung a few more prints throughout our apartment. It had been one my to-do list for quite some time. It makes this space feel more us.