Instalove: May

Instalove: May// Thrifted

From left to right - 1. Trying out Lush's Outafix Mask 2. My favourite furry friend 3. Late night canvas stretching 4. Greenback High playing at a Solidarity Rock event at Barber Ha 5. Missing Austin 6. A vintage dress 7. A vintage hand-knitted Norwegian wool sweater 8. Some of my lovely lady friends who participated in the YEG Vintage Sale 9. A page-turning thriller 10. Soaking up the sun 11. What I'm reading now 12. So excited for this wedding!!! 13. Hanging basket love 14. Dinner (quinoa, roasted chickpeas, and avocado) 15. I'm on week 2 of my running program!

I'm obviously loving the A Beautiful Mess app. Have you tried it? It's definitely a favourite for me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!