I've been in a serious rut lately. When I left my office job to fullfill my dreams of working from home I don't think I knew how hard it would be. And after months of working away I wasn't seeing the results I expected. So my mood started falling lower and lower. There are so many things that I want from life right now that are out of my grasp and I lost hope. But things can change in an instant and today, after being dealt another hit, I decided to climb out of this hole I dug for myself and keep trying. I realized that I've been saying 'no' a lot lately and not saying 'yes' to life. Sitting at home in pajama pants all day isn't going to get me anywhere. Life isn't just going to drop everything I want on my doorstep. I have never chosen the easy path and because of that I am resilient. Today I remembered that only I can make myself happy, that I can choose to get up early and put on some damn pants and get on with life. Looking back at the last few weeks, I'm a bit ashamed. I've wasted too much time. But now it's time to move forward and say YES.


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