Thrift Store Finds: Vintage Mugs

Happy Monday! This week I'm trying desperately to reset my internal clock. I've been living like someone who works night shifts. Not cool. I'm currently wondering where the heck spring is. Sure the sun is out but it wouldn't hurt for to have our normal temperatures for this time of year. I'm sick of these below zero temps (and I'm sure everyone else in the prairies is too!).

As someone who drinks coffee and tea regularly, I have a but if a mug problem. I love to collect vintage mugs but have also accumulated a small collection from my travels. Here are some vintage mugs I've recently acquired.

Thrift Store Finds: Pyrex Mugs// Thrifted

Pyrex mugs! I have nearly 30 already but had none in this tea cup shape. The cutest.

Thrift Store Finds: Royal Doulton mugs// Thrifted

Royal Doulton ceramic mugs from 1977. I thrifted 6 mugs for $6. They are in perfect shape too.

Thrift Store FindsL Fire King mugs// Thrifted

I picked up these classic Fire King mugs a few weeks ago. They're the first of their kind I have ever come across in a thrift store, plenty in antique malls though!

I thought I would share a little playlist this Monday as well. Listening to music is keeping me awake today!

Have a fantastic week! I hope it's warmer than mine :)