Instalove: March

I can't say I have a lot of love for March. It's the month where you get so very sick of winter and the end feels like it will never come. We're expecting more snow here but I know it'll will warm up soon. That's the beauty of April - you're hope returns.

Instalove: March//Thrifted

From the top left: 1. Maya - the sweetest, most lovable cat I have ever known. Sadly my aunt had to put her down this month after 20 years as part of our family. I'm going to miss her gentle soul. 2. Sometimes I braid my hair. 3. I love beer. 4. Unwanted snow 5. My favourite coffee 6. Grant's cat Zooey. This gal is about 16 years old and loves cuddles like no other kitty 7. My cat Amy. Hates cuddles & will hiss at you if you are not me or my mom. She's 15 this year & I love her to the moon. 8. Hello! 9. The iconic 'metal bikini' Princess Leia wore in Return of the Jedi. One of many amazing pieces at Star Wars: Identities. 10. Pretty paint 11. The before & after from my coffee table DIY 12. $5 flowers & my DIY vintage candles

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