Thrift Store Finds

Hey Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I took a break from blogging this past weekend to enjoy a rare 3 day stretch of time with Grant. He normally works 6 days a week. It was such a great weekend! We started it off with an art show Thursday night. Our friend had some amazing photos on display from a recent trip to China. We spent most of Friday sleeping in and working on moving our kitchen around. Last week we replaced the open shelves in our kitchen with proper cabinets. Now we have twice as much storage. We had to fill some holes and repaint on another wall where we moved our hutch. I love the new layout and I'm so glad the open shelves are gone. Later on that evening we headed to our friends' LP release and enjoyed some great local music a few PBRs. Saturday was more sleeping in and finishing the kitchen. We went out for curry at a local favourite restaurant and then came home and watched Safety Not Guaranteed (definitely recommend it!). On Sunday we bought a new microwave and then headed over to the Telus World of Science to get in one more tour of Star Wars: Identities before it left Edmonton. Our Easter dinner was an amazing meal at my favourite vegan restaurant Padmanadi. Grant went back to work on Monday and I took a day to relax. Best weekend in a long time.

Here are a few recently thrifted pieces. 

Thrift Store Finds - Fire King Bowls// Thrifted

Thrift Store Finds - Fire King Bowl// Thrifted

A set of four super cute Fire King bowls. Sadly, one is a bit faded but I love the flower pattern.

Thrift Store Finds - Red Pyrex// Thrifted

Thrift Store Finds - Friendship Pyrex// Thrifted

Thrift Store Finds - Orange Pyrex// Thrifted

Thrift Store Finds - Pyrex Bowls// Thrifted

I love this Pyrex trio! So bright and beautiful. The 'Friendship' pattern is a new favourite.

Thrift Store Finds - Pyrex Bowls// Thrifted

Have a great week! Spring has finally arrived here so I'm going to try and enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather.