Vintage Candle DIY


Have you ever come across something in a thrift store that you were drawn to but weren't sure what to do with or you saw it and realized immediately that it could serve another purpose? That's how these homemade candles came to be. I love vintage green glass and found these tumblers at least a year ago while out thrifting. For a while now I've wanted to make tea cup candles but I could never bring myself to pour hot wax into a beautiful vintage tea cup. These tumblers on the other hand, were made for a second life as candles.


Talk about easy! You will need wicks that are slightly longer than whatever container you are making into candles, a bag of soy wax like this, wood skewers, and a double boiler. My double boilers are pots with a Pyrex bowl on top. You can also add scent or colour if you like but because most scented candles send me straight to migraineville, I chose to go scentless in this endeavour.

Get an inch or two of water boiling in your pot and then place your heat proof bowl over top. You will need a lot more wax than you would think. It is melting into liquid form after all. I would say at least 3x what your container holds of the wax flakes. Stir the wax often. Dip the bottoms of your wicks into the melted wax and then adhere them to the inside bottoms of your containers. Fill each container 90% full with melted wax. Using two wood skewers, brace the wick, making sure it's centered and not tipping over. It should take at least an hour for the wax to cool completely. When they have cooled completely, trim the wicks so that no more than half an inch is exposed.


I feel like typing these instructions took longer than actually making the candles. Such an easy DIY, I'm kicking myself for not trying this sooner. And FYI, Amazon in the US is amazing! I wish we had access to all the amazing supplies available to order in the states. Until then I'm stuck with Micahels and 40% off coupons. Happy Sunday!