Friday I'm In Love with Vintage Alarm Clocks

This Sunday we'll be moving our clocks ahead an hour for Daylight Savings Time so I thought I would share some vintage alarm clocks for this week's addition of Friday I'm in Love.

Vintage alarm clock Jantar from Soviet Union era turquoise color clock

Beautiful mint coloured alarm clock found here.

Lovely Vintage Alarm clock

Love the yellow on the face of this alarm clock found here.

Ritz Italora Alarm Clock

Orange alarm clock found here.

Codel Vintage wind up Alarm clock walg35

Whimsical Codel vintage alarm clock found here.

Vintage Mint Clock, Mid Century Retro Wind up Alarm Clock made in Germany

Totally in love with the mid century gem found here.

intage Alarm clock/Made in Czechoslovakia

Isn't this one handsome? Found here.

Art Deco GE Alarm Clock

This art deco GE alarm clock is absolutely stunning. Found here.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be at BlogWest all day today and tomorrow getting some knowledge.