Star Wars Wall Art DIY


Star Wars is a pretty big deal around here. Grant grew up watching the films and although I was in my twenties before I saw A New Hope I too have grown to love the original trilogy (I've refused to watch the prequel trilogy). The space above our bed has been barren since we moved and I really was at a loss as to what to hang there. Last week it hit me. We often quote the lines "I love you" "I know" being the nerds that we are and having printed a few other engineering prints at Staples, I knew we could make something pretty cool without hurting our wallets. I created super large files in Photoshop (using a Star Wars inspired font) and then we had them printed as the aforementioned 24 x 36 engineering print. These went into two reasonably priced frames and ta da. I really love this homemade art. It suits us perfectly.



Here are a few places you can find great prints that you can download and take to Staples to make your own art. Here and here. Oh and if you live in or around Edmonton definitely check out Star Wars Identities while you can!