January Instalove

Thrifted: January Instalove

1. I drink at least one pot of tea a day 2. Out for dinner at my favourite vegan restaurant Padmanadi 3. I started an Intro to Finance course this month 4. Grant and I saw Quartet last Friday 5 & 6. I started a Running for Beginner's Program last week (one of my 2013 Goals) 7. I've also been doing yoga at home 8. More tea 9. I've been making homemade soy lattes almost daily 10. I made a large batch of homemade pasta sauce earlier this month 11. Homemade pizza is a weekly occurrence around here 12. I bought a ukulele (very excited to learn to play it) 13. Sporting a new sweater from Hello Merch 14. My favourite cat 15. A beautiful sewing machine spotted while thrift shopping 16. Of course, more homemade latte love

And that's January in a nutshell! Hope you had a fantastic month. I'm looking forward to what February has to offer.

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