My City: Portraits of Edmonton


Happy Saturday Everyone! This week I'm starting a new series called "My City". I've been wanting to get out in the city more and take photos of my favourite locations and maybe discover some new ones as well. Yesterday we had gorgeous weather here in Edmonton. I went out to my favourite foot bridge that crosses the North Saskatchewan River. I love looking at downtown Edmonton from this location. I also created my first panoramic photo in Photoshop (which is actually super easy).


This May will mark 10 years in Edmonton for me. I have to say that I have really grown to love this city. It's not always warm (it can be painfully cold) but there's a lot of charm to Edmonton. Anyway, this series will be my love letter to my hometown. 


I also ventured over to another part of the city which overlooks downtown and the river valley. Having never taken photos from this spot before I thought it would be good to get a second perspective.


Thanks for letting me share these photos with you. Have a fantastic weekend!