Friday I'm In Love...


1. Loving this Instax wall the gals at A Beautiful Mess created 2. Marc Johns is one of my favourite artists 3. Love this basic striped top from Joe 4. Minty mum earings 5. Very neat line drawing DIY on FellowFellow 6. New minty nail colour from Butter London 7. Awesome socks 8. I used this card for Grant's bday but it would be great for Valentine's Day too 9. I'm head over heals for this lovely dress

Hey Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful week. I've been adjusting to being home and getting back to reality. I'm on the hunt for a part-time job. My goal is to be self-employed in the future and I'm taking some small business courses through a local college.

It's pretty gross here in Edmonton right now since we had a lot of snow melt. It looks a lot like spring outside which equates to a very dirty city. I'll probably bunker down and work on my on-line course. What are your plans this weekend?

Have a great one!