Mexico 2013: Part Two


During our stay in Mexico last week we decided to take an excursion to Tulum. Only an hour and twenty minutes by bus from our resort, Tulum is a Mayan walled city on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. What makes Tulum unique is that it sits upon a cliff which overlooks the Caribbean Sea. The ruins themselves are off-limits but the beautiful beach is open to the public. I had never seen water this blue before and I was truly blown away (it was also very windy ;) We could have easily spent the whole week lazing about but I am glad that we took one day to take some Mexican history in. Our tour was included with our stay at the Moon Palace and round-trip was about 5 hours long. So we still had the afternoon to lay on the beach. I would definitely recommend visiting Tulum if you happen to be within visiting distance.

Here are the rest of the photos from our visit.









It was definitely hard coming back home to winter in Edmonton but I guess we all have to come back to reality at some point... unless we win the lottery.