So this week has been a wash. For three days I've been fighting a migraine and ear infection. Which means I haven't left our apartment in three days expect to see my doctor. But tomorrow will be better. I did a bit of baking tonight which is a good sign. If it turned out well, I'll share the recipe with you.

For the past six years I've been a vegetarian. I have eaten eggs and on occasion I've had fish too. Recently I decided to move to a strict vegan diet. Since my migraines have been more frequent I want to try eating clean as a way to deal with them. I'm also cutting out caffeine since that seems to be a serious trigger. I'm excited to do this, to cook and bake more, to try new recipes, and hey maybe even lose some weight! I ordered some books on Amazon and I think I'll be using them frequently. This isn't so much a diet as it is a lifestyle change and I know it won't be easy. If you have any advice I would love to hear it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I plan to spend mine outside of our apartment.