Paint Chip He(art) DIY

paint chip art

I've been wanting to make something using my heart punch for quite some time. I bought it before Christmas last year with the intention of putting it to good use. Not so much. Inspired by this paint chip art, I forged ahead, punch in hand, and made my own paint chip art.

paint chip art

It's very simple but that's what I love about it. That, and it costs next to nothing. I used this Martha Stewart Heart Punch, a piece of card stock, free paint chip samples, a glue stick, and an Ikea frame I already had lying around. I used paint chip samples that had four shades of the same colour on each sample. I cut two hearts from each shade in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Next I cut the card stock to fit the frame. I laid the hearts on the paper and then glued them into place. The last step is to frame your new art. Pretty easy, hey? This would make a great project for kids.