Canvas Photo Transfer DIY

canvas photos transfer DIY

I've been wanting to try this project ever since I saw it on A Beautiful Mess. I was a bit skeptical beforehand that it would actually work but it turned out better than I had expected! 

canvas photos transfer DIY

To make your own transfer you will need a canvas (I bought mine from a dollar store for $1.25), a paint brush, a heavy gel medium like the Liquitex above (Michaels carries this), and a photocopy of a photograph you want to transfer. Yes, it has to be a photocopy. Elsie's DIY has great instructions so check out her transfer. She also did a colour transfer recently which you can find here. I'm going to try a colour transfer this weekend! I bought more canvases to make a bunch more transfers. I really love this DIY.

canvas photos transfer DIY

I may try to remove more of the paper residue from this one. The original photo is from my last trip to Paris a few years ago. I would definitely recommend this DIY!

Happy Thursday!