Tote Bag DIY


Last night I tackled a fun sewing project - I made a tote bag! I have to say this was pretty easy. I didn't use a pattern or anything. A month or so ago I found some fabric I liked at Ikea. I decided not to use it in the quilt I'm working on and instead saved it for this project. The bag really is just a piece of fabric folded in half, with two straps attached to it. Even the strap is just one larger strap cut in half. Here's a link to the instructions I used to make the straps for this bag. All you need is fabric, thread, a sewing machine, and an iron. First, I sewed a seam at both short ends of the fabric to make the top of the bag. Next I folded the bag in half, with the inside of the bag facing out. I pinned the sides together and sewed them. Then I turned it out. I made the strap next, cut it in half, and sewed it to the inside of the bag. I eyeballed the placement of these too. It's an imperfect bag. I'm excited to use it at the Farmer's Market this weekend. I have about 2 weeks left to finish 16 more projects. Good thing I work well under pressure!

Simple Tote Bag DIY

Happy Thursday!