The Weekend


Somehow, I managed to throw out my back this weekend. Walking is no easy feat, let alone working on my list of projects. So tonight is a quiet night at home as a I try to move as little as possible. Before the pain was a pretty fantastic Saturday. I was able to spend the morning with Grant, which is a real treat because he normally works until noon every Saturday. We started out by hitting a few garage sales (more on that tomorrow), then made our way to the Farmers' Market to pick up some fresh veggies and fruit. After that we had breakfast at B's Diner. Love their Tofu Scramble. And the owner Bob is pretty great too. Finally, we stopped at Earth's General Store to scope out the Vegan Bake-sale being held by Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta. Summer weekends are the best!




The rest of Saturday was spent doing laundry and in the evening I made Grant dinner and a crisp for us to share. Sunday was pretty quiet. I did manage to clean an entire garbage bag full of clothes out my closet. It feels good to let go. I even got a fare amount of cleaning done before my back crapped out on me. And then I took a three hour nap. I sure do love Sundays.




Happy Tuesday!