African Violets

African Violet 1

For quite a few years I've had an African Violet houseplant. Being my strange teenage self, I named my plant Paul Simon. A few weeks ago I discovered that Paul Simon had sprouted a friend. I transplanted the new offspring into a vintage tin I found at Value Village and named him Art. Pretty fitting. I thought I'd share a few photos of the pair since Paul started flowering recently. They're beautiful when they flower. I was worried when I moved into an apartment with Grant that the plant wouldn't survive but this spring he bounced back. If you want to plant something in a vintage tin, it's super simple. Since tins don't have natural drainage, I added some smaller rocks to the bottom of my tin before filling it with dirt. It hasn't died so I figure that's a good sign!

African Violet 2

African Violet 3

African Violet 4

Happy Monday! xx Allison