Chalkboard DIY


Hey friends, it's been a while. I haven't forgotten about you - I've been busy working on my list of projects. Last week I made these awesome chalkboards. Pretty cool, hey? A few months ago I saw this fantastic post on A Beautiful Mess about making your own chalkboard paint. I couldn't wait to give it a a try. The paint is incredibly easy to make. I bought acrylic paint from a local dollar store and un-sanded grout from Home Depot. The labour intensive part was everything else.

I bought a sheet of plywood from Home Depot and got them to cut it into quarters. That left me with four 2ft x 4ft pieces. I painted three of them with the chalkboard paint, in three different colours. Next, I picked up some primed baseboard and Grant and I cut them down using a mitre box. I tried gluing the baseboards on but ended up nailing them to the plywood instead. Then the corners got a little love from some Polyfill. Finally, I rubbed the painted surface with white chalk and wiped it down with a cloth. 

If I do this again, I would use nicer wood. Something with a smoother surface. It would make writing on the chalkboards much easier. They were fun to make though and it was a great learning experience.


Happy Wednesday! xx Allison