Thrifted Dresser Refurbish

Project 4: Dresser

This weekend was pretty productive. I've been working on a my quilt (another project to finish before my birthday). I made two rhubarb crisps (on the blog tomorrow!). My friend Suze and I made progress on decorations for a sock hop we're throwing in two weeks for Solidarity Rock. I also finished refinishing the dresser above. I don't have a before photo (oops!) but I picked this up a year or so ago at Value Village for around $20. It was stained a darker brown but I chose to paint it black. I sanded it down a bit after to give it an aged look. It needed a bit of tightening and wood glue to firm it up a bit. The drawer pulls are the originals. I won't be keeping it but it was fun experimenting on it.

Happy Sunday