Lavender & Agave Lemonade




Some things just feel like summer. Like an ice cold glass of fresh lemonade. Last week I picked up a bag of lemons at Costco. We're talking about 15 lemons. I decided to use most of them to make a pitcher of lemonade. To make this lemonade you need to juice about 12 lemons. Strain the juice to remove excess pulp and seeds. Pour the juice into a large pitcher. Top up the pitcher with water - about a litre. Next, stir in between 1/2 a cup to 1 cup of agave syrup - keep testing the sweetness as you go. To add a twist, stir in an ounce of lavender syrup. I picked up mine at a local Italian grocer. Refrigerate or serve immediately on ice. Like summer in glass :)

Happy Saturday!

xx Allison