Reupholstered Dining Chairs







About 9 years ago my mom bought a dining set. A few years later, I bought a white dining table from Ikea. Eventually I decided I needed white chairs to go with the table so I took the chairs from the old dining set, sanded them down, and painted them white. A few years ago I bought a few metres of fabric from Ikea with the intention of using it to recover those dining chairs. Well, it took me a few years but I finally did it! Considering it took Grant and I less than an hour to recover 4 of the chairs, I should have done this years ago when I first bought the fabric. It was incredibly easy. I didn't remove the old fabric as the new fabric is the same navy colour. To take on your own dining chair recovery project you'll need enough fabric to cover all of your chairs, a screw driver to remove the seats, scissors, a staple gun, and plenty of staples. Start out by removing the seat from the chair. Next, cut a piece of fabric a few inches larger than the seat. Place the right side of the fabric face down on your work surface and place the seat fabric side down on top of this. I recommend having someone help you staple the fabric to the seat. One person to pull the fabric taught and one to staple. For more info on how to staple the fabric, check out this site. The most important steps are making sure the fabric is nice and tight and folding your corners properly. Once you're all done stapling the fabric just screw the seats back on to the chairs. Seriously, so easy!

Happy Monday! xx Allison