Friday I'm in Love...


This week has been all about fruits and vegetables. I've been starting everyday with hot water and lemon (yum!) and then trying my hardest to make the rest of my meals from scratch with as few processed products as possible. All I can say is that I'm feeling pretty good :) This Easter weekend will be much quieter than I'm used to. Half of my family is out of town but I'm super excited my Gram is in town for a visit (she's the most amazing woman I know). Today Grant and I are off to spend the day with his family so I better get going! Have a great weekend!

I love Rachel's use of space in her basement boutique closet reno. Who wouldn't want a beautiful closet like hers?

Apartment Therapy is having a smallest coolest home contest. Having lived in an apartment that was probably less than 300 sq ft I have a great appreciation for people who make use of small spaces.

I love the idea of dying Easter eggs naturally. Sometimes I think we take for granted all the shortcuts we have available to us nowadays. 

I've had gardening on the brain lately. I love planning out all the veggies I want to grow come May. Even though we had an April snowstorm yesterday, knowing that gardening season is coming makes me oh-so-happy. This recycled wood planter box is just the thing to bring a smile to my face.

I think a wonderful way to pretend it's farther along in the season is by relaxing and enjoying the Strawberry Basil Mojito. Just close your eyes and think of the hot sun.

xx Allison