Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes


Do you have some Guinness leftover from St. Paddy's yesterday? Well, then do I have a recipe for you. I actually made these yesterday but I was in a mad rush to finish them and consequently didn't have time to share them with you until now. A while back I found this Nigella Lawson recipe for Chocolate Guinness Cake and decided they would make great cupcakes. I found Nigella's recipe via Miso Bakes, which where you can also find the Bailey's Meringue Buttercream recipe I used as well. Nigella's recipe is entirely in metric but there is a convenient link on the page itself that provides conversions for those us who don't bake in grams. There is no conversion for cocoa powder but 75g is about 2/3 of a cup.


I decided to double both recipes, which was entirely unnecessary because I ended up with 12 large cupcakes, 24 small cupcakes, and 4 small ramekin's worth of baked goods. Whoops. 


As for the icing, it turned out far better than the strawberry meringue buttercream I attempted earlier this week. You can't use Splenda in meringue, it has to be the real deal. The icing ended up being less sweet than I expected, but I don't find that to be a bad thing. If you have a sweet tooth, I would add more sugar. I used a small offset spatula to ice the small cupcakes and I piped icing onto the larger ones.


Hope everyone had a great weekend! xx Allison