$20 Value Village Desk DIY


I finished the desk! I'm so happy with how it turned out. I spent around $67.50 in total refinishing the desk. $20 for the desk, $25 for the paint, $12.50 for the knobs, and about $10 on the other supplies. So without further ado, here it is...


If you don't recall, I found this desk at Value Village. I knew when I saw it that it had the potential to be something special. This really was only a one day project, plus an extra 20 minutes the next day to install the knobs. And I love these knobs. They were a HomeSense find. I bought the two bags they had over a year ago at $10 for 4. Knobs like these can cost a minimum of $10 a piece at Anthropologie so at $2.50 each, that's a steal!


As for supplies, I used a medium grit wood-sanding block. It took me about 30 minutes to sand the whole desk. This is the laborious part of the refinishing. I didn't want to strip the desk, I was just trying to rough it up a bit so the paint would stick. Normally I would use an electric sander but my hands usually hate me for it. After I sanded the desk, I gave the whole thing a good clean (and sneezed out the rest of the dust). After it dried I set to painting. The paint was more expensive than your average small can because I chose to use a melamine paint. I want the desk to last and not get scratched up immediately. I chose a very light grey colour. It's subtle but not plain jane white either. I used a roller for most of the painting. Rolling the paint on saves time and gives a cleaner finish. I used a paint brush to get into the areas the roller could not.


While the first coat on the desk was drying, I filled the holes in the drawers. The Poly Filla took about 15 minutes to dry, after which I sanded the drawers again, wiped them clean, and applied the first coat of paint.

Desk DIY

I probably should have waited more than an hour for the first coat of paint to dry before applying the second but patience is not one of my strong suits. By the end of the second coat, I had used almost all of the paint.


Today, I drilled holes for the knobs and screwed them in. Did I mention that I love these knobs? They have a wonderful antique feel to them.

Desk DIY

So there you have it, my first furniture refinishing DIY post. The only thing that's left to do is to haul this beauty from my mom's (where I worked on it) to our apartment. And since I messed my back up yesterday refinishing the desk, looks like I'll have to call in a favour with one of our strapping young friends. 

Happy Monday! xx Allison