Friday I'm in Love...


It's been a few years since I've put my drawing supplies to use. I drew a lot when I was a teenager and somehow fell out of the habit. I picked up the pencils again when I was in design school but gave them up again after I left the program. Last night I started my first sketch. I'll slowly work myself up to where I used to be because I am out of practice. I also borrowed a few anatomy books from my boss today and hope to sketch a lot from those.

I feel comfortable sharing my new "hobby" this week. A few weeks ago I started my own learn to run program  and have been hitting the gym five days a week ever since. It feels awesome. Although I'm pretty exhausted today. Anyway, more on that further down the line...

This amazing mum made her son this custom duvet. Pretty neat!

I have one of these Ikea shelves hiding at my mum's - this is a great DIY redo I'd like to try.

I may have to go for round 2 with this chevron canvas DIY.

What can't you do with chalkboard paint?

I can't wait until I get this print in the mail!

Make your own Valentine's stamp.

Love this $300 kitchen makeover!

Tomorrow I start work on my desk makeover! Grant is recording all weekend so I'll have to entertain myself. 

Have a great weekend! xx Allison