Date Nights


Last night Grant and I did something we do pretty often. We had dinner at Daawat. This is my absolute favourite restaurant in Edmonton. Grant and I both love East Indian food. We always have the buffet ($20 per person) and we always eat more than we should. But man is it worth the over-stuffed feeling. I was so hungry last night after not eating much earlier in the day and then nearly sweating myself to death at Moksha Edmonton South (first time and I loved it!). They tend to have eight vegetarian dishes and four meat dishes every day. My favourite is Saag Paneer - it looks pretty gross but it is SO good. You also get a basket of the naan of your choice (plain, garlic, or coconut). Ok, now I'm fantasizing about food... Anyway, we had a Groupon which covered $30 of the meal and we also ordered a pot of chai. Their chai is delicious and a pot would probably be more suited to three or four people since we usually struggle to finish one. You can order it by the cup as well. If $20 seems like a lot, the lunch buffet is only $13 and there's just as much food to choose from. Oh, and there's dessert as well. Gulab Jamun is my favourite dessert, not just at Daawat, but in general. The staff are great and the only thing you ever have to ask for yourself is the bill. 

Happy Wednesday! xx Allison