Chevron Striped Canvas DIY

Chevron DIY

I've had this canvas for a few years now. I bought it on sale but could never decide what to do with it. I was inspired by the feature wall in this apartment. Since we can't paint our walls I thought canvas might be the next best thing.


For this project you will need: a stretched canvas, a pencil, a ruler, a tape measure, at least two paint colours (I used acrylic paint), paint brushes, and painter's tape.


1. Draw a grid on your canvas. It's up to you how large or small you want the grid to be.


2. Draw on the chevron stripes. Use the grid as a guideline. I chose to make the stripes different sizes but you can also make them equal.

Taped Canvas

3. Using the painter's tape, tape off every other stripe. Make sure you press the edges of the tape down well to prevent bleeding.

4. Paint the exposed stripes. Do not remove the tape until the paint has dried. You may need two coats of paint. 

5. After your first set of stripes have dried, tape them off so that the unpainted stripes are exposed.

6. Paint the second set of stripes. Again, two coats may be needed and wait for the paint to dry before you start peeling the tape off.

7. Touch up any areas that may need some extra attention.

Chevron Striped Canvas

8. Hang your lovely new handmade artwork!

This project took me two evenings to complete. Happy painting! xx Allison