Breakfast for Dinner

One of my favourite quick and easy dinners to make are omelettes. This was one of my go to meals when I was living in Paris. I pretty much lived on eggs and cheese sandwiches. And man do I ever miss the bread and cheese. I don't load my omelettes up with a ton of ingredients. A few veggies and a bit of cheese. I usually go for onion, mushrooms, and parmesan because these are the most common veggies in my fridge and I always have a bit of parm on hand.

Here's a great video on how to make an omelette.


I cook the onion and mushroom first, take them out of the pan, and toss them into the omelette when it's nearly done. I don't use three whole eggs because that's quite a bit of cholesterol. Instead I use one whole egg plus two egg whites. Keeping with the French theme, I like to toss a bit of Herb de Provence in there as well. 5 minutes and you've got a meal. The best advice I can give is to watch the heat. Start at medium and turn it down low near the end, just like Jamie says in the video. I like using a heat-proof spatula while I'm cooking the omelette.


Enjoy! xx Allison