How To Be Green & Thrifty

Do you enjoy drinking your water filtered and cold? Do you use a Brita system to make all your filtered water dreams a reality? Do you throw out your filters after the 3 months is up? Here's an alternative.

Preserve is a company that makes eco-friendly products out of recycled material. Material like Brita water filters. Preserve wants your used Brita filters and they'll even pay the postage for you to send them their way.


Here's what you have to do:

  1. Save your last 3 used Brita filters & the box they came in
  2. Dry them out for at least a week
  3. Wrap them in a plastic grocery bag & put them in the box
  4. Print a free shipping label from Preserve's website
  5. Attach it to the box & mail it

* for a more detailed list of instruction and to print the shipping label click here.



Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'll have lots to share with you over the next week!