Date Nights

Today marks two and a half years of Grant and I dating. We've lived together for 7 months now and I couldn't be happier. But I've been feeling like we're getting kind of boring. When you live together you have to work harder at getting yourselves out of your apartment and finding fun things to do together. Inspired by The Rockstar Diaries and A Beautiful Mess (both featured the 12 dates of Christmas) I decided it was time we tried new things that get us out of the apartment. 


Last night we started planning dates for the next month. First up will be a movie date at the Garneau. I haven't been to the theatre since it switched over to Metro Cinema, partially because it broke my heart to see this happen. I worked at the Garneau for a year when I was 18 and I absolutely loved it. My sentimentality made it difficult to accept that the theatre would no longer be what it was. But things change and you have to move on. We're going to be seeing Melancholia next week. I've been dying to see this for months and I was ecstatic when I saw the film title on the Garneau marquee. You can check out the screening times and trailer here. Your local cinema is generally cheaper than the big name theatres. Tickets at Metro are $10 for an adult and $8 for a student. Before the film, we'll be indulging ourselves with gelato at De Capo cafe which is just a few doors down from the Garneau. I've only been there once and I have yet to try the gelato. Grant tells me it's amazing and I'm eager to find out for myself.

Second will be a trip to the Royal Alberta Museum next Sunday followed by brunch at the Glenora Bistro. Grant suggested a trip to the museum and I haven't been to the museum since I was a little kid (one of the few things I remember is petting a tarantula). Admission to the RAM is reasonable at $11 for and adult and $7 for a student. I have always wanted to try brunch at the Glenora Bistro having driven past it countless times. I really love this part of town and I haven't spent enough time exploring all the neighbourhood has to offer.

We have a few more ideas up our sleeves and I'll share them with you later this month along with photos and details on how these first two dates went. xx Allison.