Tofu & Edamame Salad


This is one of my quick and easy recipes. I made this at 3am when I couldn't sleep. It takes about 5 -1 0 minutes to make. I threw this together with a couple handfuls of 50/50 lettuce, frozen edamame beans, pickled ginger, tofu, shredded coconut, spices, and bottled salad dressing. It was darn tasty.


Cut the tofu into large pieces. Saute on medium heat in a tablespoon of oil. Sprinkle with seasoning of your choice. I used cardamom, turmeric, garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. Turn when golden and cook until golden in colour on all sides. Add a couple tablespoons of shredded coconut and remove from heat. While the tofu is cooking, microwave the edamame in a bowl with a couple tablespoons of water. Slice the pickled ginger. Toss the tofu with the edamame, ginger, lettuce, and salad dressing of your choice. Sprinkle with a bit more coconut. And voila, a tasty AND healthy lunch or dinner (or 3am snack). xx Allison