Thrift Store Finds

Today I want to share some of my thrift store collections with you. I currently collect vintage Pyrex, Tupperware, and mason jar glasses. I've also accumulated some Corelle pieces as well because they share a pattern with some of my Pyrex. As I've mentioned before, I love Pyrex. I've looked for it on Etsy before but all my pieces have been found at Value Village because they're a fraction of Etsy prices. The items I've collected aren't just for display, I use them often. Here's a look at some of my past Thrift Store Finds.



The orange bowl right above here gets the most use. It's the perfect size for mixing ingredients in while baking. I also use it as half of my double boiler.


I also love Pyrex mugs. If I make a pot of tea I use them instead of larger mugs so I have never have to drink cold tea. The set at the top of this photo aren't Pyrex but I adore them just the same. I'm saving the set for future use, when we have a house and I can display them properly. They were a very good deal. I think I spent all of $15 for all 14 pieces (there are plates for each cup).


If you've been to Blue Plate Diner here in Edmonton you've probably seen these mason jar mugs. I find them on a regular basis at Value Village and I've accumulated close to ten. One day I'll use them in my very own cafe.


This is the Corelle dinnerware which matches one Pyrex mug I have. I love the pattern. I picked up most of these the plates and bowls last week at Value Village.


Finally, my Tupperware. Pure mod-gold. I love this stuff. These containers are great for storing baking supplies. I have two more pieces I forgot to photograph as well. 

I tend to get pretty excited when I come across an item that fits into one of my collections. Even if I don't have room for more I will probably continue to collect whatever I can find. What do you collect? xx Allison.