Giving Gifts

I hinted at what I was giving for Christmas gifts before Christmas but I couldn't really reveal everything until after I had given them away. One of my favourite things about Christmas is the surprise involved with gifts. I've never been one to snoop for my gifts and I'll cover my ears at mention of what I might be receiving. I had some wonderful surprises this year and I was certainly spoiled. (Thanks family!)


The Tomato Vodka Sauce I made went into a food gift bag, which also included pasta, baked goods, chocolate spread, and some parmesan cheese. Some of the pasta was homemade but I did have to resort to buying store bought for some of the gift bags. Sometimes there's not enough time to do everything on this list! The baked goods were pumpkin cookies, pumpkin biscotti, and irish cream brownies. I found the chocolate spread at Homesense for a reasonable price and the parmesan was cut from a large piece purchased from Costco. Each piece of cheese went into a cellophane bag and were closed with a twist tie much like the pumpkin cookies. I also tied a small ornament to each bag. I found the bags at Dollerama for $2 each. Everyone seemed to like them so I'm very happy.






This past summer I took my laptop and scanner up to my Gram's house and scanned hundreds of old family photos. I finally got to put them to use this Christmas. I made a collage frame for my mom and her three siblings which contained childhood photos of each of them along with some photos of my grandparents. I bought two frames from Ikea a few months ago for about $20 each if I'm remembering correctly. About a month or so ago I found the taller frames at Michaels at a drastically reduced price. Their regular price was over $50 and I got them for less than $15 each. Score!

Here's what they look like:





This year I really wanted to emphasize the importance of family because I think we often lose sight of how important family truly is. It's not always easy to like your family but they're the ones that always have your back. Family doesn't have to mean blood relation and I'm fortunate to have a great family that's grown over the past five years or so. 

I hope everyone enjoyed there holidays and got to spend it with those they love.