Weekly Thrift Store Finds

As a means of dealing with the stress of finals, I hit up the local thrift stores on Monday in search of some gems. I decided to make a trek to Edmonton’s north side as I tend to frequent that area less. I have been to the Goodwill in Beverly before, where I scored some pretty fabulous cowboy boots, but I had never been to the Value Village on Fort Road before. It was far better than I had expected. It’s nicely laid out and very well maintained. The two dresses appear to be have never been worn and if they have, you can’t tell. The first is a sleeveless dress from Superstore’s Joe line and  the second is a polyester Vera Moda dress. The Levi jeans are bootcut, for the days when I’m sick of “skinny” jeans. The boots are leather, which I try my best to only buy used. They’re nice and worn in and thankfully fit, since I didn’t try them on before buying them. I picked up 8 of the Pyrex mugs as I collect them. I absolutely love vintage Pyrex. The stuff is nearly indestructible, which is probably why you can find it in thrift stores on a regular basis. The other two mugs are of a similar material and I love the design! They’re also stackable. Finally, the glass cake stand. I’ve been looking for one for a while. This one isn’t ideal due to the lip around the edge, but for $6.99 it will do for now. All in all, I would call it a pretty successful trip!

Joe Dress - $6.99 - Goodwill

Vera Moda Dress - $6.99 - Goodwill

Levi Jeans - $6.99 Goodwill

Brown Boots - $11.99 - Value Village

Pyrex Mugs - 4 for $4.99 - Value Village

Mod Mugs - $0.99 - Goodwill

Cakestand - $6.99 - Value Village