Homemade Christmas Cards


I’ve often wondered what the point is of sending Christmas cards to friends and family if you haven’t written anything personalized in the card and all your cards are the same. Not to say I don’t enjoy receiving a Christmas card but homemade is a nice touch. So this year I decided to make my own cards. I picked up blank gold and silver cards and ribbon on clearance at Michaels. I also bought a heart paper punch, which was full price. But I never pay full price for anything at Michaels as most of their products are overpriced. Each week they usually have a 50% off one regular price item coupon. I subscribe to their e-mail newsletter and I have their app on my phone so I’m never without a coupon. The ribbon cards were yet another Martha Stewart idea. These were fairly simple. You just need to cut a small slit wide enough for your ribbon to fit through in the middle of the fold of the card. The red & green hearts were made from card stock priced at $0.33 a piece. They’re not the worlds most beautiful cards, but I took the time to make them for my family and friends and I hope that makes up for their lack of beauty.